About our online store

Mejagron Limited is a private limited company registered under The Companies Act, 2015. The company was registered on 14th January 2016 under registration number CPR/2016/220894.

The company specializes in Healthy & Beauty products with a bias to Hair Care Products. It’s products are World Class and are imported directly from the manufacturers – mainly in the USA and Europe. Some of its brands include Cantu, Eco Gel, Vitale, Leisure Curl, Lusti, Wonder Gro, Aunt Jackie’s, Dr. Miracles among others. The company puts emphasis on quality and health of all its brands ensuring vigorous tests and sampling before the brands are availed to consumers.


To be the leading provider / distributor of Hair Care Products in the region.


To be the preferred choice in Hair Care products due to our quality, after sales service and honesty in our dealings with our clients. We endeavor to give a good return on investment to our shareholders.

Slogan: Quality Is Our Responsibility.

Clients: Our customers are mainly the main supermarkets – Currently Naivas & carrefour.

Our Contacts:-

P.O. Box 61600 – 00200,Nairobi.



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